• Monday, March 15th, 2010

Hello, Just starting to read your new novel that I picked for my book club to read in May. Will you be putting together a question guide for book clubs in the very near future? If so how would I find it online? Thank you very much and looking forward to reading your book. I read only wonderful reviews on it. Best of luck to you,  P.

Thanks for emailing me with your question.  I have to confess I’m not a huge fan of reading guides, which remind me too much of school and homework.  However, I’ve had to lead book club discussions myself and I know it’s a big responsibility to put together good notes.  I always found first person interviews with the author were useful (there are a couple posted here).  Also, just for you, I tried to think about what themes interested me enough to include them.  I came up with inheritance (an endless source of both comedy and tragedy), parents and their adult children (King Lear having the ultimate in bad offspring), defining community by exclusion of  the ‘other,’ and of course, that comment your neighbor made last week that  you didn’t realize, until half an hour later, was a complete  insult.  These themes and some good salty snacks should keep the conversation going.  If all else fails, discuss whether love is ageless.  Thank you so much for picking Major Pettigrew for your book club.